‘Criminal Code’, Netflix’s first Brazilian police action series, comes out on November 14

November 6, 2023
"Criminal Code" Netflix's first Brazilian police action series. Photo: Courtesy Netflix

Inspired by real crimes, the release of Netflix’s first Brazilian police action series will take fans of the genre by storm

Blood, saliva, and other genetic traces, set against a backdrop of rifles, machine guns, and explosives, pose a compelling question: Can DNA solve a robbery? Starting on November 14, federal agents in “Criminal Code” will demonstrate that it is indeed possible. Inspired by real crimes, the release of Netflix’s first Brazilian police action series will take fans of the genre by storm. The trailer for this mega-production provides a brief glimpse into the tireless hunt for the perpetrators of an unprecedented heist right on Brazil’s border.

After a robbery of epic proportions at the premises of a private security firm in Paraguay, federal agents from the Foz do Iguaçu bureau launch a complex investigation. Following the trail of the DNA samples meticulously collected at the crime scene, the investigators discover a connection linking the audacious robbery across the border to a series of recent crimes, unveiling an even larger plan involving criminal elements from both countries.

Starring Maeve Jinkings, Rômulo Braga, Thomás Aquino, and Pedro Caetano, the plot weaves together action, special effects, and breathtaking sequences to portray the top levels of crime and policing in Brazil – on one side, a technologically advanced police force that uses forensic science to solve highly complex investigations, and on the other, criminals who employ sophisticated methods to plan robberies, city-wide blockades, and operations that require years of work and millions of dollars of investment.

Heitor Dhalia, the series creator and showrunner, sheds light on the series’ distinctive narrative, stating, “Criminal Code shows a different side of crime in Brazil: criminal activity along the border regions that have barely been explored in movie storytelling. We use a cross-border heist that occurs in Paraguay as our point of reference and inspiration for the beginning of the series, which develops into a dispute between two opposing forces, both highly sophisticated, in a South American panorama with forays into other areas of organized crime.”

Tatiana Cesso

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