Latin Grammy 2023 honored Brazilian music with tributes and surprises

November 26, 2023
Gaby Amarantos claimed victory in the "Best Roots Music Album". Photo: Conecta Piaui

The Grammy celebrates Latin American artists in a night of musical triumph in Seville, Spain

The highly anticipated 24th edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, held in Seville, Spain, on November 16, honored talented artists and outstanding productions from the Latin music industry. The live-streamed ceremony featured international stars and the notable hosting duo of Brazilian celebrities Anitta and Tiago Iorc.

Among the winners in categories dedicated to Brazilian artists, the late Marília Mendonça was posthumously honored for her album “Decretos Reais,” released in May 2023. The event also paid a posthumous tribute to the late João Donato, whose final album, “Serotonina,” was recognized as one of the highlights of the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards. The talented musician left us in July of this year, but his work endures as a legacy in the rich tapestry of Latin music.

The awards included specific categories for Portuguese-language songs, spanning various musical genres from Contemporary Pop to Christian Music. Gaby Amarantos, a prominent singer from the Brazilian state of Pará, whose work is deeply rooted in the Amazon rainforest, claimed victory in the “Best Roots Music Album” category with her album “TecnoShow.” In her acceptance speech, she celebrated Brazilian music produced in Pará, particularly highlighting the techno-brega genre.

In the samba category, Martinho da Vila received the award for “Negra Ópera”. Unfortunately, the renowned artist was not present, and singer Simone expressed gratitude on his behalf, emphasizing the fabulous contributions of the Brazilian composer.

The emotionally charged category of “Best Urban Performance in Portuguese” was won by the song “Distopia,” bringing success to Criolo and Planet Hemp. The Planet Hemp group also took home another statuette for Best Urban Performance, securing a night of double recognition.

Tiago Iorc also received recognition for his collaboration with Duda Rodrigues on “Tudo O que A Fé pode Tocar”. Xênia França got Best Contemporary Pop Album for “Em Nome da Estrela”.

The Latin Grammy 2023, with its musical diversity and touching tributes, solidifies itself as a significant milestone in celebrating excellence in Latin music, honoring both contemporary artists and those who have left an eternal impact on their musical legacy.

Tatiana Cesso

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