Brazilcore: How Celebrities are Redefining Favela Fashion Worldwide

Anitta, along with international stars like Hailey Bieber and Madonna, is helping to spread global appreciation of Brazilian favela fashion
May 28, 2024
Anitta and Hailey Bieber

In Brazil today, there is a significant cultural movement to return the “Brazil look” to its origins, reclaiming its symbols from political misuse. Known as Brazilcore, this trend is characterized by the bold use of yellow and green, the colors of the Brazilian flag.

Anitta, Brazil’s most successful pop singer today, has just released “Funk Generation,” a vibrant and energetic album that perfectly embodies “music for exportation.” The album seamlessly blends Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, and English, with beats influenced by Rio’s funk.

One of the standout tracks, “Fria,” sees Anitta donning a yellow and green bikini and dancing the iconic “passinho,” a dance rooted in the favelas. This release highlights a broader trend that Anitta, along with international stars like Madonna and Hailey Bieber, is helping to spread worldwide: the resurgence and global appreciation of favela fashion, known as Brazilcore.

The Rise of Brazilcore: A Cultural Reclamation

Embracing the national soccer jersey and a sexy beach-inspired look, Brazilcore has its roots deep in the favelas. During Jair Bolsonaro’s presidency (2019-2022), the Brazilian flag became a contentious symbol, often associated with conservatism.

However, designers like Abacaxi, born in Rio de Janeiro, are on a mission to reclaim these colors and their symbolism for all Brazilians. Through his fashion label Piña, Abacaxi aims to restore the national identity that resonates with the everyday lives and aesthetics of those in the favelas.

Abacaxi’s efforts are part of a larger cultural movement to return the “Brazil look” to its origins. This movement was evident in notable events, such as Madonna’s iconic free concert in Rio de Janeiro, where alongside Brazilian trans artist Pablo Vittar, Madonna adorned herself in Brazilian colors and embraced the flag as a symbol of unity and inclusivity.

This powerful gesture inspired many, including participants of the Sao Paulo Pride Parade, to proudly wear the national colors, marking a renaissance of Brazil’s flag as a symbol of national pride beyond political affiliations.

Anitta: The Face of Modern Brazilian Culture

Anitta’s impact on this movement cannot be overstated. Her career, which skyrocketed from the favelas of Rio to international stardom, epitomizes the essence of Brazilcore, a trend with ties to favela fashion and culture.

Anitta’s journey from performing in local favelas to becoming a global ambassador for Brazilian music and culture is inspirational. She has been pivotal in breaking stereotypes associated with Brazilian funk—a genre that was once stigmatized and linked with crime.

Today, thanks to her efforts, Brazilian funk is an art form celebrated worldwide, with Anitta leading the charge as a powerful advocate for cultural pride.

Hailey Bieber: Bridging Cultures with Brazilcore

Hailey Bieber, with her Brazilian heritage through her mother Kennya Baldwin, has also played a significant role in popularizing Brazilcore internationally. During a tour in Brazil with her husband Justin Bieber in 2022, Hailey embraced her Brazilian roots, sporting a yellow and green crop top that paid homage to the Brazilian flag. Her fashion choices, shared with millions of followers on Instagram, helped catapult Brazilcore into the global spotlight.

Hailey’s connection to Brazil and her public embrace of its fashion have further solidified Brazilcore as a global trend. Her influence, combined with the cultural resonance of icons like Anitta, has helped elevate a style once confined to the favelas into a celebrated aesthetic worldwide.

Brazilcore as a Movement

Brazilcore is more than a trend; it’s a movement that redefines national identity through fashion, music, and cultural pride. With icons like Anitta and Madonna at the forefront, this aesthetic is capturing the world’s imagination, marking a renaissance of Brazil’s flag as a symbol of national pride beyond political affiliations.

Celebrities like Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, Post Malone, Rosalía, and Lewis Hamilton have also worn the colors of the Brazilian flag, showcasing their embrace and celebration of the true spirit of Brazil.

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