Travis Scott Wears Brazil’s Flamengo Soccer Jersey at Final Show of His Tour

The American rapper's fashion choice during his Chicago performance quickly went viral, delighting fans of Brazil's most popular football club
June 17, 2024
Travis Scott wears Flamengo's jersey in Chicago. Photo: Reproduction X

Flamengo is already the club with the largest fanbase in Brazil, but it just gained an international endorsement: Travis Scott. Known for his sense of style, the artist chose Rio’s soccer (Portuguese: futebol) team jersey to wear during the closing show of his tour in Chicago. Unsurprisingly, it quickly went viral on social media.

Videos and photos circulated widely, highlighting the vintage 1999 model jersey featuring the number 11 and the Lubrax/Petrobras sponsorship. This gesture by the rapper highlighted not just an interest in soccer but also a significant cultural nod, linking the art of rap with Brazil’s national passion for football.

Travis Scott is notorious for his bold and meaningful fashion choices. The Flamengo jersey, representing a pinnacle of success and passion in Brazilian football, may symbolize the artist’s connection with the Brazilian audience. Additionally, Scott, who recently released his sixth studio album, “Utopia,” appears to be building cultural bridges ahead of his tour in Brazil, where he is set to perform a major show at Rock In Rio this September.

For fans, this moment was more than just a fashion statement; it was a celebration of cultural unity through the universal language of sports and music.

Tatiana Cesso

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