What is Saquarema?

June 21, 2024


Saquarema is a charming coastal town located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and vibrant community, Saquarema has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. In this glossary, we will explore the history, attractions, and unique features of Saquarema, shedding light on what makes this town so special.

History of Saquarema

The history of Saquarema dates back to the early 17th century when Portuguese explorers first arrived in the region. Originally inhabited by indigenous tribes, the area was later colonized by the Portuguese, who established a small settlement along the coast. Over the years, Saquarema grew into a thriving fishing village, attracting settlers from all over Brazil.

Attractions in Saquarema

One of the main attractions in Saquarema is its stunning beaches, which stretch for miles along the coastline. Popular spots include Itauna Beach, Vila Beach, and Praia da Vila, where visitors can relax in the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy water sports such as surfing and paddleboarding. In addition to its beaches, Saquarema is also home to a number of historical sites, including the Church of Nossa Senhora de Nazareth and the Saquarema Lighthouse.

Culture and Traditions

Saquarema is known for its rich culture and traditions, which are deeply rooted in the town’s history. One of the most famous events in Saquarema is the annual Festa de Nossa Senhora de Nazareth, a religious festival that celebrates the town’s patron saint. During the festival, locals and visitors come together to participate in parades, music performances, and traditional dances, creating a lively and festive atmosphere.

Local Cuisine

The cuisine of Saquarema is a reflection of its coastal location, with an emphasis on fresh seafood and traditional Brazilian dishes. Popular dishes include moqueca de peixe, a fish stew cooked in coconut milk and spices, and feijoada, a hearty bean and pork stew. Visitors to Saquarema can also sample local delicacies such as tapioca pancakes, acarajé fritters, and quindim, a sweet dessert made from coconut and eggs.

Outdoor Activities

In addition to its beaches, Saquarema offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors to enjoy. From hiking and biking along the coastal trails to birdwatching in the lush forests, there is no shortage of ways to explore the natural beauty of Saquarema. Water sports enthusiasts can also take advantage of the town’s prime surfing conditions, with waves that are perfect for both beginners and experienced surfers.

Shopping and Nightlife

Saquarema is home to a variety of shops, boutiques, and markets where visitors can browse for souvenirs, clothing, and handicrafts. The town also has a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars, clubs, and restaurants that come alive after dark. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing evening by the beach or a night of dancing and live music, Saquarema has something for everyone.

Accommodation Options

Visitors to Saquarema can choose from a range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, and vacation rentals. Whether you’re looking for a luxury beachfront resort or a cozy bed and breakfast, there are plenty of choices to suit every budget and preference. Many accommodations in Saquarema offer stunning views of the ocean, making for a truly memorable stay.

Transportation and Getting Around

Getting to Saquarema is easy, with several transportation options available. Visitors can fly into Rio de Janeiro International Airport and take a bus or taxi to Saquarema, or rent a car and drive along the scenic coastal highway. Once in town, getting around is simple, with taxis, buses, and rental bikes all readily available. Many attractions in Saquarema are within walking distance, making it easy to explore the town on foot.

Weather and Climate

Saquarema enjoys a tropical climate, with warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The summer months, from December to March, are the hottest and busiest time to visit, with temperatures reaching up to 30°C. The winter months, from June to September, are cooler and less crowded, making it a great time to explore Saquarema’s beaches and outdoor attractions.


In conclusion, Saquarema is a hidden gem on the Brazilian coast, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventurous outdoor experience, Saquarema has something for everyone. Plan your trip to Saquarema today and discover the magic of this charming seaside town.

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