What is Quebra Molas?

June 21, 2024


Quebra Molas, also known as speed bumps, are traffic calming devices used to slow down vehicles in residential areas, school zones, and other areas where speed control is necessary. These raised sections of pavement are designed to force drivers to reduce their speed, improving safety for pedestrians and other road users.

What is Quebra Molas?

Quebra Molas are typically made of rubber, asphalt, or concrete and are placed strategically along roadways to reduce speeding and prevent accidents. They are often painted with bright colors or reflective materials to increase visibility, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

How do Quebra Molas work?

When a vehicle drives over a Quebra Molas, the raised surface causes the vehicle to slow down by creating a jarring effect. This sudden change in speed can be uncomfortable for drivers and passengers, but it serves as an effective deterrent to speeding.

Benefits of Quebra Molas

Quebra Molas are an important tool for traffic management and road safety. By slowing down vehicles, they help reduce the risk of accidents and protect vulnerable road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. They also help to create a more peaceful and livable environment in residential areas.

Types of Quebra Molas

There are several different types of Quebra Molas, including traditional speed bumps, speed humps, and speed tables. Each type has its own unique design and purpose, but they all serve the same basic function of slowing down traffic.

Installation of Quebra Molas

Quebra Molas are typically installed by local authorities or road maintenance crews. The placement and design of Quebra Molas are carefully planned to ensure maximum effectiveness in reducing speeding and improving road safety.

Challenges of Quebra Molas

While Quebra Molas are effective at slowing down traffic, they can also pose challenges for drivers, especially those in emergency vehicles or with low-clearance vehicles. In some cases, Quebra Molas can cause damage to vehicles if not approached at the appropriate speed.

Alternatives to Quebra Molas

In some cases, alternative traffic calming measures may be more appropriate than Quebra Molas. These can include roundabouts, chicanes, and road narrowing techniques. Each of these alternatives has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on the specific traffic conditions and road layout.


In conclusion, Quebra Molas are an important tool for traffic management and road safety. By slowing down vehicles and reducing speeding, they help create a safer and more livable environment for all road users. While Quebra Molas may have some drawbacks, their benefits far outweigh the challenges they pose.

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