Brazil Boasts 21 Michelin-Starred Restaurants in 2024; 10 Newcomers Shine

May 22, 2024
© Rubens Kato/Tuju

In a triumphant return after nearly four years, one of the world’s most prestigious culinary guides has turned its gaze back to Brazil. On Monday (05/20), the Michelin Guide returned to the country, announcing 21 restaurants in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro that were awarded the coveted stars, with 10 of them being newcomers to the list.

While the country still lacks a three-star establishment, it has doubled its number of two-star venues. Newcomers Tuju (SP), Evvai (SP), and Lasai (RJ) join the ranks of veterans D.O.M. (SP), Oteque (RJ), and ORO (RJ) in the two-star category. “I was very scared this week [of losing stars]. I’m happy to see that our segment survived,” celebrated chef Alex Atala on stage.

The list of one-star restaurants saw seven new entries, including Fame Osteria (SP), Kazuo (SP), Murakami (SP), San Omakase (RJ), and Tangará Jean-Georges (SP). Eight other establishments maintained their distinction from the previous edition, such as Kinoshita (SP), Maní (SP), Cipriani (RJ), and Picchi (SP), totaling 15 one-star Michelin restaurants.

Oteque Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo

One of the highlights of the night was certainly Ivan Ralston, who took the stage three times. In addition to receiving two stars, the chef of the new Tuju and his team were awarded in the new “Opening of the Year” category and received a Michelin Green Star (the first time it has been awarded in the country) for sustainability practices, along with A Casa do Porco (SP) and Corrutela (SP).

The event also revealed the selections for the Bib Gourmand list, which recognizes quality restaurants with good value for money. For 2024, there are 37 members: 25 retained their title, and 12 are new. Among the newcomers are establishments such as Mocotó Vila Leopoldina (SP), Cora (SP), Shihoma Pasta Fresca (SP), Kotori (SP), Brota (RJ), and Sulta (RJ).

The Brazilian version of the guide stopped being updated in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis. “This scenario brought uncertainty to the work and operational capabilities of the Michelin Guide inspectors, making it impossible for them to fairly evaluate and update their selection of restaurants in Brazil,” explains Gwendal Poullennec, the international director of the guide.

D.O.M Photo: TripAdvisor

The return to São Paulo and Rio, almost four years later, holds a special significance for Poullennec: they were the first – and until the end of last year, the only – South American destinations to feature in the guide. “In these two cities, we can feel a genuine interest in good food, and we are pleased to see that chefs are increasingly interested in preserving their cultural heritages, identities, and traditions,” he concludes.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in Brazil 2024

Two Michelin Stars:

Mani Photo: Michelin

One Michelin Star:

Casa do Porco

Michelin Green Star:

Opening of the Year:

  • Tuju (SP)

Michelin Sommelier Award:

  • Maira Freire, from Lasai

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