Biden Expresses Condolences and Offers Aid to Brazil Following Tragedy in Rio Grande do Sul

President Biden expressed condolences to the victims and extended solidarity; other governments also mobilize
May 13, 2024
Flooding in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Photo: @marcelocaumors / Instagram

In response to the tragedy unfolding in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, President Joe Biden of the United States expressed condolences and offered assistance to Brazil. In an official statement released on Friday (May 11), Biden expressed being “deeply saddened” by the situation and stated that the United States is in contact with Brazilian authorities to provide necessary assistance.

In his declaration, President Biden extended condolences to the victims and expressed solidarity with the affected families. He also announced the readiness of the United States to coordinate with Brazilian authorities to aid the people of Rio Grande do Sul during this difficult time.

The tragedy in southern Brazil, caused by heavy rains, has mobilized various governments and international organizations, including Argentina, Uruguay, the Vatican, and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). New storms over the last weekend exacerbated the situation, hampering rescue efforts and increasing fears of further disasters.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government of Argentina sent two water purifiers and 72,000 water purification tablets to Rio Grande do Sul. Initially, the Javier Milei government had offered aircraft, health teams, police, and divers.

After discussions with Brazilian authorities, Uruguay arranged to send a Delfin Bell 212 helicopter with crew to assist in the rescue of flood victims. Meanwhile, the IDB announced it will allocate R$ 5.5 billion to aid Rio Grande do Sul.

More than half a million residents of Rio Grande do Sul (538,284) are displaced, with 81,285 currently in shelters. So far, 76,399 people and 10,555 animals have been rescued.

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